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A place so beautiful and surreal it will leave you speechless. This gorgeous totally untouched and hardly explored desert mountain destination is a must visit for every individual at least once in their lifetime. Driving through the winding, endless and scary mountain roads the journey is even more spectacular than the destination. This place is also home to some of the most gorgeous lakes, monasteries and villages. This is definately a photographers paradise where every shot looks naturally photoshopped and unbelievable. This spellbinding valley is often proclaimed by the ones who experience it as A WORLD WITHIN A WORLD.

Destination Code:-MT03


Road Trip

This whole journey is road trip of a lifetime. Experience and witness the whole unbelievable natural beauty with endless valleys, mountains, white rivers. The visual of the landscape here will create a sense of peace and gratitude within your soul.

Village Visits

This destination is home to the world highest village. Visit this beautiful quaint village and take a leisurely walk to get a taste to this wondrous place. The villages here are small, peaceful and simple. The people here extremely warm and welcoming.

Monastery Visits

This is the land of the tranquility, meditation and monasteries. Visit beautiful monasteries and explore this untouched world in all its glory.

Star Gazing

A must do here. The Altitude being really high here and absolutely no human population for miles and miles the view at night is spectacular. Just step out of your homestay and gaze up – you can even view the Milky way at some points.


Get out the adventurer in you and go on short excursions to explore nearby lakes, mountains, rivers. There is so much to see here that you will never have a dull moment. Be a part of this natural phenomenon in all its splendour. Your eyes will take time to adjust to this surreal beauty but eventually this destination with awe, surprise and leave with incredible memories and pictures.


Stay in quaint and cozy home stays along the way. Clean, comfortable and basic the stays in this entire region have the same format. You will receive a warm homely welcome and have a clean bed to sleep in and a good bathroom with modern amenities in the middle of no where.
The food here is absolutely delicious. Experience mountain cuisine with elements of tibetan, indian and italian all mixed in one. A thing to definitely try are the milk products made from Yak milk. The cheeses here will blow your mind.Food:


There is no better place than here to meditate and do yoga. All you need is your yoga mat and you can pick any place you please to just stop over get out and meditate. A rejuvenation destination no spa or yoga centre can compete with.

Getting there:

Air: The nearest airport is Manali .

Road: Nearest bus stop is  Manali city.

Internal Transfers:

The Holiday Studio will pick you up from Manali and take you on an epic road trip all through Spiti.  The car and driver will be at your disposal through the entire length of the trip. Driver/guide will insure you experience a journey that will exhilarate, awe and surprise you. Every night you will stay at different resort/homestay and everyday you will travel to experience various lakes,mountains and amazing sites.


  • Heater
  • Home Stay
  • Pick up and drop- Airport/Railway/Bus stop
  • Restaurant
  • Valley View

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Road Trip

Things to do - general

Go on an epic Road Trip and explore untouched mountains and sites. With car, driver/guide with you at all times get ready to experience a journey that will exhilarate, awe and surprise you. Every night you will stay at different resort/homestay and everyday you will travel to experience various lakes,mountains and amazing sites.

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