Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

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Scuba Diving

Apart from just lying around, enjoying the beach and munching on seafood, Scuba Diving is another brilliant at our Scuba offering destinations. In fact, the fascinating experience of being among the wonderful water bodies, sparkling fishes and colorful corals is what makes scuba diving a must experience activity. All our dive destinations are the best in India. You will be given all the necessary equipment and we have experienced divers that will train/guide you through the entire diving experience.



Snorkeling is a perfect option for the ones who are reluctant is entering the deep realms of the underwater of the sea. This activity will allow you to explore the colorful coral reefs and fascinating marine life. In snorkeling, you will given a diving mask, snorkel tube and swim fins that will help you to swim in the sea. Trained experts will ensure you have a great and safe experience.

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