About us

Why The Holiday Studio

Dream. Explore. Let go

 The 3 words that define The Holiday Studio.

Most of us want to explore but don’t really know how and there is too much information scattered all over the internet. Doubts like is it safe, reliable, worth it creep in. So what happens is either you spend a long long time to find the amazing places that fit your travel style and budget then go ahead contact the resorts, figure your internal transfers, activities, review them and finally go ahead and do the booking, or you simply go some where that everyone goes and its easy to do a quick booking and get sorted.

This is how we were inspired to create The Holiday Studio – a travel cult with a menu of great untouched destinations in India. Each destination packaged with a beautiful stay, amazing food, exciting excursions and brilliant adventure activities. Moreover all the places and fun stuff mentioned are tried out and guaranteed by The Holiday Studio team. All you have to do is make your choice and Go Holiday !

P.S. If you are intrigued by the pictures you see, we want to let you know that these are from our own personal picture bank and yes, it is all India! What you see is what you get.

Who Are We?

We are a couple of travel enthusiasts, one is a mad adventurer -Priyanka Jena
and the other is a spoilt traveller – Sandra Lee. Nothing gives us a bigger rush than exploring hidden and untouched places, soaking in the beauty and delighting in the local flavors. Both of us are from a complete corporate background. One day we decided to just give it all up and follow our passion and do something we genuinely care about which is TRAVEL.

Get To Know Us

founder1Priyanka Jena – Explorer & Brand Head

She is brand communications specialist with a Masters’ in Luxury Brand Management from London. She has worked in marketing communications with a host of national and international brands and managed domains like Brand building, Public Relations, Marketing research, Advertising and Online marketing.         Being a traveller by soul, Priyanka has travelled extensively within India and abroad. She loves adventure and thrives on exploring gorgeous unexplored locations. Giving life to her dream, Priyanka quit her successful corporate job to follow her heart and started The Holiday Studio with her best friend and now business partner. Travelling is in her blood and making her play her work Priyanka through The Holiday Studio wants to share her love of exploration and adventure with people who are willing to dream.explore.let go and travel.

founder2Sandra Lee – International Business Head

She is from an entrepreneurial family. Having done IT Engineering and MBA in marketing, she found her passion as a product manager but she always knew that she was going to be an entrepreneur herself. Travel for Sandra was always an extensively researched area and she loves to explore but with good planning. Being a bit of a spoilt traveler, Sandra loves the little indulgences, learn about cuisines, local culture and people of course. Sandra is now living in Arizona USA and manages the international market for The Holiday Studio.